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  商品名稱: ECS FEMFAT-LAB 5.4 疲勞分析軟件
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ECS FEMFAT-LAB 5.4 疲勞分析軟件
ECS FEMFAT-LAB(疲勞分析平台)是由ECS公司官方設計的一款簡單實用的疲勞分析軟件。疲勞分析的軟件非常多,你在用哪款?想換嗎?那就來綠色先鋒下載ECS FEMFAT-LAB正式版使用。提供了時間、頻率、疲勞、虛擬迭代四大功能,可以顯示、分析和處理大量數據,支持多種二進制數據格式,兼容FEMFAT max,FEMFAT basic,MSC.ADAMS和SIMPACK。

The Engineering Center Steyr GmbH & Co KG (ECS) has launched FEMFAT-LAB 4.0 is the binding link between proving ground, laboratory and CAE.

FEMFAT LAB is a powerful software solution to visualize and analyze large amount of data, which analyzes time histories with millions of data points and hundreds of channels within seconds. Anomalies like drift, mean shift, spikes can be removed automatically or manually. Using the "project philosophy" of FEMFAT LAB time can be saved, because same operations for several files are carried out automatically without any user input.

A lot of sophisticated time and frequency domain methods help the engineer to "understand" and to analyze the measured data. Data processing methods like Rainflow, Level Crossing, Range Count, Time at Level and additional counting methods are included.

A wide range of graphic expenditure possibilities exists, such as three-dimensional plots of Rainflow or Damage matrices, Waterfall or Campbell results. Without any interaction or conversion of the user, various data formats can be processed (RPC, Remus, Diadem …).

To save significant time and costs during development process, complex multi-axial methods help to compare customer usage to test tracks or to simple test procedures. Further it’s possible to reduce the amount of data, taking the correct multiaxial phase relationships into account. For durability calculations a database of material properties can be used.

During this webinar will be shown a brief presentation about MAGNA and its laboratories located in St. Valentine. After this wil be presented FEMFAT with its features

The Engineering Center Steyr GmbH & Co KG (ECS) is part of Magna International, a technology company and one of the world’s largest suppliers to the automotive industry. Magna operates in different fields: Body & Chassis – Exteriors – Seating – Powertrain – Electronics – Mechatronics, Mirrors, Lighting – Vehicle Engineering & Manufacturing.

Version: 4.0
Supported Architectures: x64
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Language: english
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