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  商品名稱: ThunderSoft Audio Recorder 8.3.0 Multilingual 一款用於記錄計算機和麥克風聲音的便捷工具
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ThunderSoft Audio Recorder 8.3.0 Multilingual 一款用於記錄計算機和麥克風聲音的便捷工具
 ThunderSoft Audio Recorder是一款用於記錄計算機和麥克風聲音的便捷工具,你可以單獨進行錄製,也可以同時錄製來自計算機和麥克風的聲音,非常方便,並且對於各種音頻源,流媒體音樂,遊戲內聲音,Skype,語音聊天等都有很好的支持,創建一個新的錄製也非常的簡單,只需要使用簡單的錄製、暫停和停止等,對於質量來說,可以預設高質量音頻輸出,並允許管理音頻參數。在任何音樂播放器上播放的高質量輸出結果或便攜式設備。該軟件還包含強大的自動錄製功能和其他有用的設置,以幫助您製作錄製計畫。支持將錄製的內容輸出為各種常見的格式,如MP3,OGG,AAC,AC3,FLAC,M4A,MKA,WAV,WMA等等。

ThunderSoft Audio Recorder is a handy tool to record sound from both computer and microphone. Supports various audio sources, streaming music, in-game sound, Skype, voice chat, etc. Easy to use with simple "Record", "Pause" and "Stop" buttons, and high quality output result which can playback on any music player or portable devices. This software also contains powerful auto recording feature and other useful settings to help you make recording schedule.

Feature List
• Record sound from both computer and microphone at the same time.
• Supports various output formats, such as MP3, OGG, AAC, AC3, FLAC, M4A, MKA, WAV, WMA and many more.
• Allow create recording plans to start auto recording.
• Preset high quality audio output, and allow manage audio parameters.
• Supports record streaming music.
• Supports record sound from Skype and many other voice chat tools.
• Supports Long Time Recording.
Release Notes

• official site does not provide any info about changes in this version